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In this workshop we will learn about the art of Sumi-e, a Japanese painting technique made in ink.


It has a strong connection to Zen practices and that is why it is considered a meditative and relaxing activity. It is an activity characterized by simplicity and expressiveness, where the important thing is to enjoy the creative process.


We will let the hand be the direct transmitter of the emotions and the inner state of each one.


Naikare, Barcelona (Spain) 2020


Fundació Coll Bardolet, Valldemossa (Mallorca) 2021


Espai Boter, Badalona (Spain) 2023


Listening to the colors: Representation of sound and music in Kandinsky's pictorial work


In this workshop we will learn about the relationship between painting and music in the work of Wassily Kandinsky. We will discover what synaesthesia is and what are the theories that the painter made to base his visual-auditory experiences. ​ The session, which is mostly theoretical, concludes with a practical exercise where we will interpret a musical theme and translate it into abstract shapes and simple colors. ​ Adaptable for children or adults.

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